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I wanna be a Tumblr Boy So Bad 😂😂

My best friend is my tumblr crush without a doubt 💙💛💙💛


everything personal♡

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Something is off but i am satisfied with my results (^.^)


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stressed, depressed, and don’t give a shit about looking well dressed // misshartley on We Heart It.

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I’ve chosen  a new journey to take in life, but I’m not sure what exactly I am going to do but that’s okay, because I am young. But sooner or later I will have to find something… that time just isn’t now. Making myself a stronger person with each step I take, with the help of a few others along the way. I think this change can be good, I want to break free and be that happy weird girl my friends and I love so much.

   Well I hope you guys enjoyed your holidays, love you all. Later! (^_^) 

Hey loves, haven’t been on here in awhile but i’m back with a new love for self - improvement. This is just a little something i’m working on, I haven’t written in forever. 

I need inspiration badly…